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Long-term Lease

When Trauma left my mind

she entered my crimeless body.

Took the back door,

a robber so subtle yet haughty.

And as a gracious host,

I didn’t kick her out.

Hell I gave her clean sheets,

let her freely walk about.

When I wanted room for Love,

I asked if she could leave.

That’s when Trauma chuckled

and showed her long-term lease.

“There must be a mistake!

You were only meant to travel through!”

“Oh darling don’t you know,

Auntie Trauma’s never leaving you.”

At first I felt resigned,

but then a little proud.

After all, thick-skinned girls

are wooed yet never wowed.

But then I thought of Love

and all the other guests

who couldn’t spend a day.

Something clenched inside my chest,

did it have to be this way?

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